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At Boro Park Center, we understand that a proper diet
feeds a healthy life and your recovery potential.
That’s why our gourmet chefs serve up a delectable
and nutritious dining experience.

The Boro Park Center Dining Experience

Like rehab, cuisine is a matter of taste. So we honor the individual choices of each resident, offering a delectable menu that caters to personal preference, allergy need, religious belief, and physical comfort. For residents with restricted motor abilities, we offer tableside eating support with every meal.

A Social Setting

At heart, Boro Park Center remains a community. We understand that great dining is never just about what’s on the plate—it’s about who’s around the table. Our spacious dining room is set with diner-style seating, an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy plenty of lively conversation.

Asian Cuisine

The expert chefs at Boro Park Center are skilled at preparing and serving authentic Asian cuisine. They have mastered the unique cooking styles, distinctive spices, and signature Asian flavors.  Savor the delicious Congee, steamed fish, chicken broccoli, lo-mein and all the other foods on the menu. Families are welcome to join us to celebrate the holidays or simply to enjoy an everyday gourmet Asian meal.

Kosher Culinary

As a proud kosher facility, our gourmet menu is all prepared here at the exclusive glatt kosher kitchen. All dishes are of the highest quality and are prepared under strict supervision, with the assistance of a very qualified staff of mashgichim. All poultry and meals are heimishe chassidishe shechita. All dairy products are cholov yisroel. All vegetables are thoroughly inspected. All foods in our exclusive glatt kosher kitchen are pas yisroel, bishul yisroel, and all ingredients are from the strict hashgochos.

The best of what’s good for you

Everything that comes out of our kitchen is crafted of fresh ingredients with limited additives for maximum nutrition. But we don’t stop there. Every meal is enriched with a tantalizing selection of dishes for all our residents’ dietary needs:

  • Low sodium
  • Sugar-free and low sugar
  • Heart healthy
  • Low carb
  • Vegetarian
  • Low cholesterol

Our passion serves you right

Boro Park Center selects staff the way our executive chef handpicks vegetables. From the kitchen team to our friendly waitstaff, everyone works in harmony to serve up a delicious experience every time you dine.

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