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Boro Park Center is always looking to fill any clinical need.

These specialized units and/or programs introduce advanced methods by unique experts who are celebrated for their pioneering knowledge in the specific specialties.

Ultra-Care Unit

Ultra-Care is a new service pioneered by Centers Health Care. Its goal is to provide a hospital-level of care within the confines of a skilled nursing facility. This includes ICU-trained nurses at hospital level staffing rations, on site physicians 24/7, telemetry and additional equipment that enables 24-hour individual monitoring of every patient. This unit allows for patients to be discharged more quickly from the hospital environment with no reduction in care, minimizing incidents of hospital-borne infections and smoothing the transition of patients from hospitals to skilled nursing care. It also has a positive impact when an in-house patient’s health declines or they have a medical episode: instead of requiring an ER visit or hospitalization, they can be treated in the skilled nursing facility at the Ultra-Care Unit.